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Woodchuck Wonderland’s Woodchucks in the News

NEW – The County Press – Goodland Township couple publishes book

NEW – Tri-City Times – New book shines light on underground creature

The County Press – A Day in the Life

Tri-City Times – Early to rise

Growing With Science Blog mention for Groundhog Day 2017

Tri-City Times – Woodchuck Wonders!

See Dan Blumstein’s mention of Woodchuck Wonderland on his blog July 7, 2015

Another Blumstein blog mention

Growing With Science Blog – Roberta Gibson: Groundhog Day Science

Tri-City Times – Column was true, wildlife belongs in the wild

Tri-City Times – Over 50 Group opens doors to Imlay nature filmmaker

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Tri-City Times – Woodchucks, up close and personal

Tri-City Times – Letter to the Editor



Humane Solutions

Wild Neighbors program offers humane solutions for urban wildlife conflicts

Woodchucks In Medical Research

Groundhog is harbinger of health…

Woodchuck colony vital to progress in hepatitis B research

Have You Found An Animal in Need?
Please see the list below for wildlife rehabilitators

Valley Wildlife Care of Virginia – Rehabbers Lynn and Robin on WINLife TV (Facebook Video)