News Updates and More Groundhog Information

Woodchuck Wonderland’s Woodchucks In The News

NEW – Tri-City Times – “Woodchuck Wonderland” makes the New York Times

NEW – The New York Times – Groundhogs Emerge From the Scientific Shadows, featuring our website

NEW – Tri-City Times – Move Over, Punxsatawney Phil!

NEW – The County Press – Couple Releases 2nd Book About Groundhogs

The County Press – Goodland Township couple publishes book

Tri-City Times – New book shines light on underground creature

Growing With Science article featuring our book

The County Press – A Day in the Life

Tri-City Times – Early to rise

Growing With Science Blog mention for Groundhog Day 2017

Tri-City Times – Backyard Research: Part 1Part 2

Tri-City Times – Woodchuck Wonders: Part 1Part 2

See Dan Blumstein’s mention of Woodchuck Wonderland on his blog July 7, 2015

Another Blumstein blog mention

Growing With Science Blog – Roberta Gibson: Groundhog Day Science

Tri-City Times – Over 50 Group opens doors to Imlay nature filmmaker

Tri-City Times – Six more weeks of …well, winter? Part 1Part 2

Lapeer County Press – Going (groundhog) wild

Tri-City Times – Aww, Chucks!

Tri-City Times – Woodchucks, up close and personal

Humane Solutions

Wild Neighbors program offers humane solutions for urban wildlife conflicts

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How to Keep Animals from Going Under a Deck

Woodchucks In Medical Research

Groundhog is harbinger of health…

Recent Drug Development in the Woodchuck Model of Chronic Hepatitis B

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Valley Wildlife Care of Virginia – Rehabbers Lynn and Robin on WINLife TV (Facebook Video)