A Most Unusual Groundhog Story (Book)

New! Our second book, A Most Unusual Groundhog Story, is now available for purchase on Amazon (click here). Want to learn more about those mysterious creatures celebrated on Groundhog Day? Follow Ash’s story in the second Woodchuck Wonderland book. This non-fiction groundhog book for kids includes beautiful, real-life groundhog photos the authors took over a two-year period. In this extraordinary story, Ash is courted, takes a mate, has babies, suffers the loss of her mate, and finds a new love. Readers will discover how woodchuck babies learn and prepare to go off and live on their own. In addition, readers will meet other animals sharing Woodchuck Wonderland’s grounds. These groundhog stories are suitable for kids and adults who want a glimpse into the real-life activities of this marmot we celebrate on Groundhog Day.

The Amazing Groundhogs of Woodchuck Wonderland (Book)

Our first book, The Amazing Groundhogs of Woodchuck Wonderland was published on Amazon in 2018 (click here). Did you ever wonder about the life of the animal we celebrate on Groundhog Day? Take a peek into their world in this fun, photo-filled, and information-packed book. You will follow the story of Wilhelmina, the groundhog, who first sparked the interest of the Susan and Joseph Sam when she arrived in their backyard and began setting up her home. Through their years of observations, you will learn the story of the groundhog. From awakening from hibernation, through the raising of their young, the story of the groundhog and their family life unfolds. The Amazing Groundhogs of Woodchuck Wonderland provides a unique look in to the lives of these mammals that will capture the hearts of those wanting to learn more about the celebrated groundhog.

Fine Art America (Photo Prints and Items)

A selection of Susan’s woodchuck and other wildlife photographs are available to purchase through Fine Art America. Choose from a variety of items such as greeting cards, notebooks, coffee cups, tote bags and t-shirts. Wall art for your home or office can be purchased framed or unframed. Please visit the Fine Art America page here.