Hard at work, editing footage
Hard at work, editing footage

Capturing video footage of groundhogs is an important aspect of what we do. We hope these videos provide you with some interesting insight into their daily lives and habits. Some testimonials include:

“I’ve been corresponding with Susan Sam who, with her husband, have been filming woodchucks in their backyard for over a decade. They’ve got great videos including male and young interacting (not thought to be too common) and other social interactions.” – Daniel T. Blumstein, UCLA Marmot Research Project

“For a longer and more extensively narrated video about a woodchuck family, see Groundhogs 2005-2008 An uncommon look at a common animal.” – Roberta Gibson, Growing with Science

We’ve included some of our videos here on this page, but be sure to check out the YouTube channel, chuckland2009, to see more. Subscribe to see videos as soon as we post them.